Pyramid Book Report

In order to complete this project you will need to read a fiction book of your choice. Make sure that the book you choose is on your reading level. Remember, the 5 finger test! The book must have a minimum of 100 pages.

  1. Read your book.
  2. As you are reading, take notes about the main character. These notes should include name, adjectives that describe personality, and age, if known.
  3. As you are reading, also look for a favorite quotation used in your book. When you find one, write the page number down so you won't have to go back and search for it later.
  4. When you have finished reading your book you are read to start your project.
  5. Make a pyramid like we did in class. Look at the bottom of this sheet for directions if you have forgotten how to make it.

On the three outside sections, you will write the following:

  • Section 1: Title, author, and your name
  • Section 2: Main character, age, and personality
  • Section 3: A two sentence summary of book (synopsis)

On the three inside sections, you will write the following:

  • Section 1: Tell about your favorite part or draw a picture of your favorite scene.
  • Section 2: Copy your favorite quotation from the book and the page number.
  • Section 3: Develop your own rating system and rate your book. Example: Use animals for a rating system. A picture of a bear could be worst (Barely want to read it). A picture of another animal could mean the best, etc.
Grading Rubric
Book Pyramid Requirements Possible Points Points Earned
Followed Project directions 10 pts.  
Project was completed on time 10 pts.  
Book pyramid is neat in appearance 10 pts.  
Book pyramid includes title, author, and your name 10 pts.  
Contains complete sentences in summary 10 pts.  
Illustrations/written parts relate to the events described 10 pts.  
Illustrations/written work is neat in appearance 10 pts.  
Book pyramid has a book rating system that makes sense 10 pts.  
Sentences contain correct spelling and punctuation 10 pts.  
Favorite quotation from book was copied and page number written 10 pts.  
Total Points 100 pts.  

Pyramid Folding Directions

  1. Get a large piece of square paper. You may need to cut a rectangle piece into a square.
  2. Lay the square down on a flat surface so that it looks like a diamond. Points at top and bottom and sides.
  3. Bring top point down to the bottom point and fold it.
  4. Bring the two side points together and fold.
  5. Open the square back up. You should see where the creases make a triangle. (4 triangles total).
  6. Label the 4 triangle parts in the following (small letters) in sequence A,B,C,D.
  7. Use a pencil, and draw an X on part d. This will remind you not to write anything on this section.
  8. Look at where you wrote the letter A, andon the other side of the square you will draw an X on this section. this will remind you not to wrote on this part.
  9. Complete the outside section and inside section information using directions form project sheet.
  10. After completing written or drawn information, get some scissors and cut between A & D on the crease lined up to the center point. Do not cut all the way across the square.
  11. Put glue on the D part (which has an X on it) and attach it to the drawn X on the other side of your pyramid. Now you can give yourself a big hug for a job well done.