Pringles Book Report

Character Analysis

  1. Choose a book with a reading level of 5.0 or higher. The level can be found on the back cover of most books. Do not choose a book you have read before this day. Choose a fiction book with strong characters.
  2. Have your book approved by your teacher by this Friday. Read your book in its entirety. Then choose two main characters to complete the project.
  3. It is expected that you will use the writing process to complete the character analysis. You should pre write, write a sloppy copy, edit, and then put your final copy on the front attached to the other sheets.
  4. You should write 10 or more advanced 5th grade sentences for each character. The following information should be covered in your character analysis:
    • Name, age and physical description of characters
    • Personality traits
    • Important actions taken by the characters
    • How the characters changed or effected the plot
    • Feelings of the characters throughout the story
    • What you liked or disliked about the character
  5. All writing must be the best handwriting of the student. Please do not use a computer or typewriter to complete this particular project unless you have my permission.
  6. You will also decorate a Pringles can to reflect the theme of your story. All of the decorating should be done on paper that has been carefully measured to fit the can neatly and completely.
  7. Also be sure to write the title, author/illustrator of the book on a smaller piece of paper and attach it to the can. In addition, make certain your name is on the bottom of the can.
  8. You should discuss this project with your parent(s) tonight and bring in questions or comments tomorrow.