Power Point Book Report

You will be creating a Power Point Slide Show Presentation

  • 1st Slide- Introduce to the book - Scan cover or picture into the page to make it look like the book. Some times you can search the Web and find an actual photo of the cover of the book and copy it into the slide. Make sure that you include that the author's name is included on this slide.
  • Slide - Devote this slide to the setting of the book.
  • Slide(s) - Characters - you can either do a single slide for each main character or you can do a single lide about your characters.
  • Slide - Devote a slide to the problem in the story.
  • Slide - Devote a slide to the resolution of the problem in the story.
  • Slide - Summary of the story
  • Last Slide - Rating of the book

Be creative, try using different transitions between pages on your presentation. Creativity will be rewarded.