Mobile Book Report

You will be making a mobile as your project for this book report. I expect all projects will be of high quality. Your project should demonstrate pride of workmanship and neatness. You must include the title of the book, the name of the author, and number of pages with each project. Your book should be at least 100 pages long or longer and be at least the fifth grade reading level.

You can use a wire coat hanger, construction paper or poster board, and string to construct a mobile based on the book, or the parts of the book you liked best. Hang a minimum of six panels from the mobile. Each panel will have a detailed quality picture on one side and a detailed paragraph explaining the picture on the other side. Make your mobile colorful, detailed and explain each picture in detail. You need to cover the characters with a minimum of 2 panels, the setting with at least 1 panel, and the plot with 3 panels. Remember that the plot consists of a series of events in a story. The plot has three main parts which are the conflict (problem), the climax (turning point), and the resolution (solution). One panel should be devoted to each of these areas of the plot.

Character Panels

The Principle character in the story
One that causes problems for the protagonist

Plot Panels

The problem of the story
The highest point of tension in the story or major turning point of action in the story
Solution to the problem of the story

Setting Panel

The time and place that the story took place

Mobile Book Report Rubric

Include all of the following in your report/presentation:


Requirements Points Possible
Character Panel 1 (Protagonist) 10 Points
Character Panel 2 (Antagonist) 10 Points
Setting Panel 10 Points
Plot Panel (Conflict) 10 Points
Plot Panel (Climax) 10 Points
Plot Panel (Resolution) 10 Points
Neatness and pride of workmanship 10 Points
Artwork 10 Points
Detailed written components 10 Points
Book Talk 10 Points
Total 100 Points
Extra Credit Panels 10 Points Each