Cereal Box Book Report

You will place this book report on a cereal box or another box approximately the size of a cereal box.

  • Front – Illustrate one of your favorite scenes from the story.
    • Illustration
    • Title
    • Author’s Name
    • Your name (lower right hand side)
  • Right Side – Choose 3 characters and write 5 adjectives for each character.
  • Left Side- Choose 5 vocabulary words from the story and define them on this panel.
  • Back – Write a summary teaser on the back. Tell the reader just enough to make them curious about the story to make them wish to read it. Do not tell the ending.
  • Top – The Setting. Write two or three sentences about the setting. Illustrate this panel with the setting.

Cereal Box Book Report Rubric

Include all of the following in your report/presentation:

Panels Points Possible
  • Illustration
  • Title
  • Author’s Name
  • Your Name
20 Points
Right Side
  • 3 Characters – 5 adjectives each
10 Points
Left Side
  • 5 vocabulary word & definitions
10 Points
  • Summary
50 Points
  • Setting 2-3 sentences
  • Illustration
10 Points
Total 100 Points