Bag-It Book Report

You will do your book report this week on a brown paper bag.

  1. Front of the bag: Label it with the book's title and author. Draw an original scene from the story.
  2. Back of bag: Write a descriptive summary of the book including the characters, setting and plot. Do not tell the outcome of the story.
  3. Right side Panel: Rate the book from one to four stars (Four is the best). Explain the rationale for this rating. Include your name on this panel.
  4. Left side of Panel: List each important character, including such information as his/her nickname, age, occupation, relationship to other characters, hobbies, appearance, and story role.






Bag-It Book Report Rubric

Include all of the following in your report/presentation:

Rubric Guide Points Possible
Front of Bag: Author's name, title & original scene. 25 pts
Back of Bag: Descriptive summary 25 pts
Right Side: Rate book, explanation & name. 25 pts
Left Side: Characters 25 pts
Total Score/Grade 100 pts