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Supply List


Suggested 2016-2017 Supply List

  • Agenda (Note: This is not the one in the school store, we will discuss this the first day of school $5.00 (preferably in cash). Money used for film & development and color copy of covers as well as paper cost.)
  • $11 for Class T-Shirt

·         Agenda (Note: This is not the one from the school. It is a personalized Agenda that we will discuss the 1st day of school.  $5.00 (preferably cash) Money used for photo development, color copy of covers as well as paper costs.

·         Scrapbook – with 36 pages (18 front and back) or if your child would prefer to do this weekly activity electronically that is an option this year. 

·         2 inch binder for Math (Red)

·         Clipboard

·         Color pencils

·         Expo dry erase Markers (4 would be a great starting point)

·         Clean sock, wash cloth or small rag (to erase wipe boards)

·         Glue Sticks

·         Scissors

·         Ear buds – Label with Student initials

·         2 Green composition notebooks for Science Specials & Readers Theater – labeled with Student name/track/homeroom teacher

·         Small Supply box or bag for all supplies (Students will not have a specific desk this year and will house their supplies in cubbies.)

·         Pencil sharpener (If using traditional pencils)

·         #2 pencils with erasers

·         Homework Folder

·         4 Double pocket Folders with brads (Plastic works better and lasts longer if possible).  Label the outside with student’s full name for these classes  Please load with blank notebook paper inside brads before school begins.

§  Red (math)

§  Blue (reading)

§  Green (science)

§  Yellow (social Studies)

·         1 container of Lysol/Clorox wipes

·         1 box of tissues       

·         Highlighters (2)

·         2 Composition Notebooks – Black & white or color of your choice – Science Vocabulary

·         Accordion File Folder – 6-12 pockets (Usually have an elastic closure)

·         1 red pen

·         1 blue or black pen

·         3 clean, clear 2 liter soda bottles (not the green ones). Each child needs 3, if you have more please send them in.  We are doing a science project with these.  Need quickly.


*Please put name on all items including individual pencils.

Class Wish List

The items on the class wish list are items that I would like to use in the classroom. I have a color copier at home so I can scan photos for the children to place in their scrapbook and return the originals to you. I need the cartridges periodically replaced. I will make known in my newsletters other items that I would like to use throughout the school year.

  • Parrot Food
  • Items for Alternative Seating Classroom (would love to stay in the red white and blue theme)
  • Scrapbook goodies
  • I may need additional Scrapbooks - I will know in a week or so.
  • Award certificates and seals
  • Bulbs for the garden
  • Small wooden shed for keeping tools in, possibly someone to plan and construct with the children.
  •  $299 - 1 year license for whole class - similar to Study Island    - Gives data reports to parents and allows for remediation and acceleration.

Alternative Seating Wish List

I would like to set up a classroom with alternative seating arrangement.   Students will not have their own desks, but share in a variety of fun and comfortable settings. 

  • Couch- Love seat size - (preferably in the blue or brown family)