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Design & Motion Vocabulary

A force that resists movement between two objects that are touching.
A force of attraction between any two masses. The strength of this force is dependent on the mass of each object and their distance from one another.
The tendency of a moving object to stay in motion or a resting object to stay still is inertia.
A push or a pull. A force is also needed to make a moving object slow down, change direction or stop moving.
Potential Energy
Stored energy that can be released to become other forms of energy.
Kinetic Energy
energy associated with motion
is only done when a force makes something move. Work = Force X distance Work is measured in Joules.
Perpetual motion
The term perpetual motion, refers to movement that goes on forever.
How far something moves.
A measure of how fast something is moving. How far an object can go in a certain amount of time.
Ability to do work.
Unbalanced Forces
initiate and influence movement.
Balanced Forces
When an object is at rest it is balanced.
The rate of acceleration. Momentum = Mass x Velocity
Acceleration is a vector quantity which is defined as the rate at which an object changes its velocity. An object is accelerating if it is changing its velocity.
the state in which one objects distance from another is changing.
Technological Design
The process of identifying a problem, creating a solution, evaluating the solution by testing, and then refining the design to improve performance is the essence of technological design.
a set pattern, mold or form.
Technological drawing
Blue Print - detailed plan that you could use to recreate the same vehicle or design again.
The rate of change of position.
a force exerted by a stretched object, such as a spring.
the spinning of a wheel. One complete spin is equal to one revolution.
Air resistance
The force of friction on a vehicle as it moves through the air.
The blades of a propeller act as rotating wings (the blades of a propeller are in fact wings or airfoils), and produce force.
a bar or shaft on which a wheel turns.
the force that opposes the forward motion of a vehicle.
Laws of Motion
Three laws formulated by Sir Isaac Newton, the describe how objects move in relation to the forces acting on them.
an original model or design.
Steps in meeting a Design Challenge
1. Plan
2. Build
3. Test
4. Evaluate
Simple Machines
machine with few or no moving parts that makes it easier to do work.
kind of wheel with a groove for a rope or cable.
Inclined Plane
a wedge is an example of a ramp.
simple machine that is an inclined place wrapped around a rod.
is a simple machine that is really a type of inclined plane - a wedge can have either 1 or 2 sloping sides. A chisel is a wedge. A wedge is an axe.
a simple machine that is a rigid bar that turns around a fixed point. The fixed point is referred to as a fulcrum.
Wheel & Axle
simple machine that consists of a large wheel fixed to a smaller wheel or shaft called an axle.
Energy Forces
1. Atomic
2. Electrical
3. Solar energy
4. Wind