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Write a poem about
 O _____
 C _____
 T _____
 O _____
 B _____
 E _____
 R _____
& illustrate
What is the name of your state bird?
- Provide the scientific name and a picture of the bird.
How many different kinds of trees can you see from your window? Find their names
- Provide a photograph from window.
On a warm day, take a walk through an overgrown field. After a while, look to see if you have picked up any "seedy" passengers. Can you name other ways that seeds travel?
- hand in results.
Why does an apple need a seed?
- Write a paragraph explanation.
Have an apple tasting party. Visit a local orchard or grocery store and pick out one of each type of apple. What are the apples' names?
How are they different? A like?
Have your family pick out their favorites.
- Hand in results.
How much popcorn will you get from 1/4 cup of unpopped popcorn? How can you find out?
- Write up the results of this activity.
Go on a leaf walk. Collect leaves that have fallen to the ground. Sort these leaves by color, size, or other characteristics.
- Hand in results.
Find out how apple cider in made. Try some.
- Write an explanation
Buy your Halloween pumpkin.
Guess how much you think your pumpkin weighs.
Now weigh it. How close to your guess did you come? How much weight will your pumpkin lose after it becomes a JACK-O'-LANTERN?
- hand in results.
Name some animals associated with Halloween. Go to the library and check out a book about one of these animals.
- Write a brief report.
How are dew & frost different? What is a killing frost?
- Write in complete sentences.
Put 2 teaspoons of water in a baggie; blow air into the baggie & seal it. Tape the baggie to a sunny window. What happens over the next few days? The water at the bottom of the bag acts as a pond, fog on the sides show how clouds form, & drops represent _____?
- Hand in results.
When you make your Jack-o'-lantern, save the seeds and dry them, count them, and eat them! Save some dry seeds to plant too.
Hand in results.
Keep a record of how long it takes your Jack-o'-lantern to get old & moldy.
- A seperate sheet must be handed in at a later date.