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Find a tree stump and count its rings. How old do you think this tree is?
Name an event in history that has happened during this tree's life.
- Use complete sentences.
Find out what color eyes your family members have.
- Create a chart.
Listen to a bird and imitate its song.
- Provide a picture. Extra credit will be given for a tape recording.
Name 5 items from the grocery store that are made or grown in your state.

- Provide one picture cut out for each item.
Read Oak and Company by Richard Mabey.

- Write a brief book report.
How many times does your heart beat per minute? Run a lap around your house. Now how many beats per minute?

- Record and turn in results.
How are you like others in your family? How are you different?

- Create a venn diagram and find at least 3 attributes in each area.
Find 5 things that you think will float in water and 5 things that you think will sink.
Test these items out while taking a bath tonight!

- Hand in results.
How long can you balance on one foot? Try it once with your eyes open and once with your eyes closed. Does this make a difference? Why?
Read Through Grandpa's Eyes

- Use complete sentences. Write a brief book report.
While watching birds come to your feeder, draw their beaks.

- Use three different birds for drawings.
Collect touchables in an egg carton, and share them with a friend.

- Hand in results.
Mix different color paints in an egg carton; then paint a picture.

- Hand in results.
Send a suncatcher to a friend.

- Hand in results.
Cut the top off a sweet potato and put it in water. What will happen?.

- hand in results. Follow directions in box.
Have your mom or dad give you 5 things to eat and guess what they are. The tricky part is that you must close your eyes and pinch your nose.

- Follow directions in box. Use complete sentences. Parent signature required.

You will need:
  • Clear contact paper
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Colored tissue paper
Cut two circles of the same size out of the clear contact paper. Use the tissue paper to make a flower, bird, or any other design. Press the pieces of tissue paper onto the sticky side of one of the circles. Seal the other circle over the first. Punch a hole in the top of your suncatcher, tie a string through its hole, and hang it in a window.