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Find out how acid rain affects our environment.

Use complete sentences.

Where should you not stand during an electric storm? Create a mini safety poster giving correct information.
Go on a flower walk with your mom. For Mother's Day, draw a picture of your mom's favorite flower and give it to her.

Hand in results.


  1. Are seedless oranges really seedless?
  2. Are oranges from Florida different from oranges from California?
  3. Write a secret message with orange juice on a sheet of paper and turn it in.

Answer in complete sentences.

Find something bending toward the sun. Provide an illustration and use complete sentences.

Put a stick in the ground next to a young dandelion (or other new forming plant.) Each day as the plant grows, make a mark on the stick. Describe the changes over the next few days.

Hand in results.

Find something that shows you that the wind is blowing.

Use complete sentences in your explanation.

Which of these objects do you have to blow on the hardest to make move 1m? Why?

Tissue, pebble or pencil

Use complete sentences in your explanation.

Collect some rocks. Arrange them from roughest to smoothest.

Hand in results.

Same Size, Same Number?

Fill 2 same-size containers with 2 different object (acorns, pebbles, pine cones, etc...) How many objects did you need to fill each container. Why are the numbers different or the same?

Use complete sentences in your explanation.

Read If the Dinosaurs Came Back by Bernard Most. What would you do if you had a dinosaur.

Write a short story.

Blow Bubbles

Try making different kinds of bubble frames from thin wire, styro-foam cups & straw, or other items from around the house. Guess what shape the bubbles will be.

Hand in results of the shapes and the tools that you used to create your bubbles.

Find our what poison ivy looks like & stay away from it! If you ever touch it, wash with warm water and soap. Provide an accurate illustration. Make a boat out of play dough. How much can you load on your boat before it sinks? Can you change the boat so that it carry more?

Use complete sentences in your explanation.

Orange You a Detective?

To write your secret message, dip a Q-tip into orange juice. Now write your message using the Q-tip pen. To read it, hold the message over a 100-watt bulb.