Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Sort scraps of fabric by textures.
-Hand in results.
Find 5 smooth things & 5 rough things.
-Make a table.
Look at the bottom of this calendar a learn a fun way to tell time.
-Try it and write what you found.
Find a set of animal tracks. Where did this animal go? What kind of animal was it?
-Go to the library to find a book about this animal. Write a paragraph telling about this animal.
Read The Year at Maple Farm by Alice and Martin Provensen.
-Find weather words in this book. Create a list.
Cut out animal pictures and paste them on an index cards. Sort your animal cards by where the animals live. Try other ways.
-Make a chart.
Use colored water in squirt bottles and take turns making trails in the snow for each other to follow. Pick a winter word and write a poem.
Predict tonight's outdoor temperature. Check it out!
-Write down prediction and actual temperature for the evening.
How many pounds have you gained since you were born.
-Create a math problem and solve.
Make a height & weight chart of your family.

Line your family up in order of tallest to shortest. Are there other ways you could line them up?

Where do you fit in the lines?

-Hand in results.
Draw a picture of your favorite animal. Name some things that have seeds.

Mix these seeds together for a good snack.

Sesame seeds, sunflower seeds & peanuts. Bring in a sample of your seed mix.

Send for a seed catalog: Burpee Seed Catalog, Worminster, PA 18891

Getting tired of winter? How many days until Spring.
-Give today's date and calculate.
Can you make music with a rubber band?
-Make an instrument and try it. Share with class.
What kind of fuel heats your home? Where does it come from?

Write a paragraph explaining about the heating of your home.

Make a list of healthy snacks. Post it on the refrigerator door.
-Bring in a copy of your list.

Time on Your Hands
Long ago, sailors and travelers made rough estimations of the time by using their hands. How did they do this? By sticking their arms out straight and counting their fingers, hand over hand, from the horizon to the sun. You can do this too! (Remember, if your hands are smaller than an adult's, your guess may be a little different.)