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Take a walk through the woods with only your socks.

Then take off your socks and sort items collected. What conclusions can you make about the items you discover on your socks?

Take a sample of pond water and examine it with a hand lens or microscope.

Record observations. Extension - Determine what type of animals you see. The internet is a great resource.

August is a special month.

List 10 events that could be related to science that happen every August.

Explain the difference between a monocot and a dicot at the seed level.

Find an example of each.

Find a flower and dissect it.

Draw a diagram of your dissection and label the parts.

How could you make a flower change color?

Create an experiment and hand in the results.


Choose a spider and make a diagram. List 10 interesting facts about your spider.

Observe a floral clock.

Choose several flowers that you can observe opening and closing for a day. You will need to check on them hourly to collect data. Many flowers open as early as sunrise so this will be a sunrise to sunset observation.

Define Germination.

Create an activity that illustrates the process. Hand in results.

Chart the weather for a week.

What effects to a local ecosystem does the weather create?

Observe a group of ants.

Place a piece of food about 12 inched from their path. How many do you think there are? Is one ant in charge? How do they know where they are going? How do they communicate when they find food. Turn in your observations.

Read The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

Analyze why this is a great book to teach small children about metamorphosis.

Create your own insect.

Make sure it has all of the characteristics of a real insect. Make a drawing and label the parts. Give your insect a name.

Write about the habitat of your created insect.

Tell all about the diet, life cycle and habitat of your insect.

Write and illustrate a poem about an insect or insects. Create a food chain with the sun as the origin of all energy.

What is this growing on the tree?